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Neptune Interiors

Neptune Interiors are designed to complement every  room  in your home. From an elegant lounge and dining room perfect for entertaining family and friends, bedroom furniture which creates a relaxing haven to bathroom cabinets and accessories  which offer both practicality and style,  there are pieces to suit every space.  


What underlies all of these Neptune ranges however are the traditional values, attention to design, such as the zig-zag shelving system found in many cabinets and love of high quality materials.


At Verity Home we use our of experience of working with Neptune for over nine years to help our customers combine the different ranges to achieve truly beautiful rooms, which also fits with their lifestyle and budget. Verity Home is situated in Penrith on the edge of the Lake District National Park and many of our customers have older stone built properties, which come with their own character. We offer a specialist design and high quality making service  which allows our customers to have a bespoke item where a Neptune piece simply won’t fit. This might mean that you need to work around very low beams or even, as a recent customer had, a large boulder protruding from a  wall. We believe that this combination of Neptune and bespoke gives our customers the very best of both worlds.

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